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We are members of both the WALA and ALAA while our dogs are from ALAA lines. Both the ALAA & the WALA promote the Australian Labradoodle breed, education and good breeding practices.





Thank you for visiting Lake Keowee Australian Labradoodles!  We are a small home based breeder of mini and medium sized Mutli-Generational Australian Labradoodles located in Seneca, SC.  We have carefully chosen our breeding dogs from line containing over 4 generations of pure, multi-gen dogs over months of research so that we would have gentle, intuitive, healthy, non shedding allergy friendly puppies.  Being able to breed these amazing dogs is a joyful privilege as our dogs offer so much love and loyal companionship that we want to share with you.  If you are looking a for beautiful, healthy, intelligent, athletic, playful and loving family companion, then you have come to the right place. 



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There can be real differences between Multi-Generation Labradoodles and first cross Labradoodles (Poodle to Labrador Retriever). Multi-Generation Labradoodle puppies quite often cost more than other Labradoodle puppies. Predictability as a result of breeding for color, coats that are non-shedding, and allergy friendliness is usually more dependable in Multi-Generation Labradoodles. Selective breeding programs have certainly enhanced the genetic positives of the Labradoodle. We have seen the best temperament and behavioral characteristics found in Labradoodles has come from the practice of selective breeding stock.  For this reason, we have chosen our breeding stock from reputable ALAA members with over 6 generations of consecutive multi-generational to multi-generational breeding in order to produce the healthiest, best temperamental puppies that we can.

The Labradoodle is known for its outstanding intelligence and trainability, low allergy coat, low to non-shedding coat, and lack of odor. The breed craves the company of people and excels as a companion for those with disabilities, visual impairments, young children and the elderly. Labradoodles also make outstanding physical therapy dogs.